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  • Drive Website Visits
  • Get More Phone Calls
  • Increase Shop Visits

What We Do

Google Ads Training / Consulting

Would you like someone to bounce ideas off of?  Want to know if you are ‘Doing it right’?  Our expert team will provide you with guidance or any other information needed to improve any existing campaigns that you may be using – or set up new ones.  Ensure that you get the most out of your Google Ads and that they are working!

Google Ads Management

Let our experts take care of your account. We will provide constant monitoring to ensure your AdWords are doing the job that they were intended to do – namely, drive as much business as possible in your direction. We will ensure that your pre-determined budget is adhered to as well, providing you with complete peace of mind.

Generating New Ideas.

Solving Big Problems.

PPC Packages


Monthly Fee


  • Setup by Google AdWords Specialist
  • Creating up to 2 Advertising Campaigns
  • Keyword Research
  • Adgroups created based on Keyword Research
  • Unlimited number of Targeted Keywords per Ad Group
  • Unlimited Keyword changes
  • Writing Text Ads
  • Creating Ad Extensions
  • Setting up Conversion Events
  • All types of Display Targeting
  • You Tube Advertising
  • Mobile App advertising
  • Remarketing
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Webmaster Tools integration
  • Ongoing Campaign Enhancement
  • Ongoing Account Optimization
  • Monthly reports
  • No Fixed Term Contract

Google Ads Account
Health Checkup

One Time Fee


  • Review Targeting Strategy
  • Review Keyword Strategy
  • Reivew Bid Adjustment
  • Review bidding strategy
  • Audit the Account Structure (Campaigns, Ad Groups and Keywords)
  • Review of Network Selection
  • Impression share Analysis & Recommendations
  • Budget Recommendations
  • Ad copy optimization Recommendations
  • Analysis of landing pages
  • Review of Negative Keywords
  • Review of Ad extensions
  • Analysis of keywords Match type
  • Review of Conversion Events
  • Account Success Recommendations


3 Day Training


  • Basics of Advertising on Google
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Account Structure & Campaign Set Up
  • Google Ads Terminology
  • Campaigns: Types & Objectives
  • Location Targeting
  • Google Partners
  • Defining the Budget
  • How to do Keyword Research
  • How to us the Keyword Planner Tool
  • AdGroup Setup
  • Keyword Match Types
  • Negative Keywords
  • Adding Keywords to Ad Groups
  • Types of Ad Formats (Expanded, Responsive, Call Only, Structure of Effective Ads
  • Writing the Ad Copy
  • Final URL of Ad & Options
  • Best and Worst Ads Examples
  • Google Ads Guidelines, Copyrights & Trademark
  • Google Ads Auction and Bidding
  • Improving Keyword Quality Scores
  • Improving the CTR
  • Auction Insights Tool
  • Ad Extensions
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) & Reporting
  • Display Ads Campaign
  • Remarketing Campaign
  • Video Marketing with YouTube
  • Mobile Marketing Campaign

Case  Studies

We know it’s difficult to reach your audience with a small budget – but it can be done.  You can see below that we were able to:

  • Increase Impression Rate by 86%
  • Increase Click Through Rate by 140%
  • Increased Conversion Rate by 255%
  • And Decrease Cost Per Action by 74%

It is the quality of the website traffic you attract that makes your business grow.  This client happily reported an 80% sales conversion rate on their Google Ads.

  • Increased Impressions by 60%
  • Increased Ad Clicks by 104%
  • Increased Conversion by 235%
  • Decreased Cost Per Action by 43%

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